For over 40 years, Shing Hing Food has firmly established a loyal following and a solid reputation in the seafood industry in Canada and has become a household brand. Often referred as "Shing Hing Food, Best Seafood" in the market.

Shing Hing Food provides premium quality products at attractive prices. On the product selection, Shing Hing Food has strict controls on product quality and packaging to ensure every customer receives the best value from every dollar to spend

Shing Hing Food offers many category of products including seafood, soup mix, herbal medicine, dried abalone, dried fish maw, sea cucumber, dried scallop, dried oyster, Korean ginseng, bird’s nest, cordyceps , canned abalone, ginseng root, North American wild ginseng root and other precious health supplements.

Shing Hing Food always selects top quality of products including frozen seafood, snacks and health supplements from all over the world.


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